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Simon found adventure racing when he was helping out as a volunteer on Explore Sweden that was a part of ARWS 2011. He was thrown into the adventure and loved it from the beginning and has since then trained hard and dedicated to reach the top. Soon he was discovered and joined Team Peak Performance. Simon has been racing in China, Brazil, Ecuador but also in Sweden and proved of great strength in Åre Extreme Challenge (European Championship). He lives in Åre with his wife Sofie where they enjoy the mountains just outside the door.

Cecilia Jessen is the newest member of the team and we are happy to have her onboard! Cecilia is working in the Swedish armed forces 50% and the other 50% she is in the armed forces elite team in triathlon and multisport. Among many great results from many years of racing, mainly triathlon, she took the World Championship gold medal 2015 in long distance triathlon for age group 30-35. The last years Cecilia has entered the multisport and Xterra scene and did great from the start (podium positions in Xterra in PRO and best ranked 4th in Europe). Cecilia is a fast learner and keen to develop as an adventure racer. 

Jonas started his multisport career over 10 years ago but has always been keen to new adventures. He has a background as a paratrooper in the special forces and has served abroad in specialist troops. Today he still has an adventurous life working in the police task force dealing with heavy criminals. When he doesn’t work you find him running, biking, swimming or paddling in the areas around Höör where he lives with his family. Jonas is our team captain and navigator. Like Simon, Jonas has been a member of Team Peak Performance and has been racing in Africa, Chile, Brazil, Spain and China.

Mårten never says no to the opportunity for a new adventure! He took a first step towards multisport after a mountaineering expedition, climbing Aconcagua in 2006. Not long after, during his university studies in Umeå, he discoverd multisport and started to practice the disciplines. The last couple of years he has focused on the multiple day adventure racing events in ARWS. Mårten has been racing in different team constellations in France, New Zeeland, Spain, China and Australia. Mårten lives in Jönköping, working as a forestry planner and has also a wellness business as a side project.

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