Katadyn BeFree filtration system

Greener Adventure Team has tested Katadyns award winning BeFree filtration system (1.0l) for a couple of months during our vacations and in our daily training routine. It is just like a soft flask but the difference is the filter, that the water runs through nice and smooth through. We were about to use it on the adventure race in Altay in China this June but the race was unfortunately cancelled. So we got a new chance two weeks ago when we races Nordic Islands Adventure Race (NIAR). The race had a big part of kayaking, packrafting but also an massice 84km swimrun leg. It is critical to get the water you need during while racing and not being sick by it so Katadyns BeFree bottle came in handy for us! We used it on the sea water from the Baltic Sea and it worked perfectly. We use the 1.0 liter size but there is also a 0.6 liter option. We are very happy with the simplicity of the filter bottle and it suits not just our adventure race but also ordinary outdoor visits.


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