Wulong Mountain Quest (eng)

Wulong mountain quest is China's first and foremost adventure race and has been held for the last 15 years. Big prize money and strong opponents. We did not have very good knowledge about the other teams except that the top 3 where untouchable, We were all a bit winged after Nordic Islands Adventure Race but felt decent enough to race through 4 days in China.

Three quarters of the team arrived safely in chongqing but Jonas met some problems, A typhoon plagued southern china which meant jonas route was cancelled, With minimal time for errors this was close to a disaster, we managed to find a new ticket but the price wasn't too much to laugh about. Jonas arrived in time, 12 hours before the start.

Day 1 was a running day. 1,5km asphalt followed by 500m carry chair, another 2,5km and then a 15km GPS orienteering. The first parts was at an intense pace and we knew that we could match the top teams and the fast chinese teams on pure running. Orienteering however we do know.

As it turned out, not this time. The gps orienteering was on a smartphone with google maps. Firstly the small dot which shows your position was off. Secondly, there was layers of roads covering the bottom satellite photo and these roads turned out the be non existing. They also made it really hard to see the details of the satellite photo. Also, rain isn't the best when operating a touch screen.

We had a total meltdown of a day and lost huge amounts of time.

Later we heard that many other teams had this chinese map application which apparently was great….

The three following days consisted of many kilometers and more vertical meters. 8,7 and 6 hours of racing (for us) our mountain bikes, running through rugged terrain, canyoning, caving, swimming, paddling rivers and up, down and across ropes. All in breathtaking terrain and heat/humidity. We crossed the finish in 10th place each day.

We managed to climb our way to 13th place in total after a quite poor race. We did win some prize money but due to jonas expensive flight we still ended up in negative balance. The worst thing about that was that we now had to realise that we could afford to go to the world championships.

Now we all have a bit of rest and regain some energy after an unsuccessful year. According to the principle of probability we are due to have a really good race soon!

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